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We are the UK’s specialist food safety consultancy and training provider for the healthcare sector. 

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Inspectrum helps hospitals, care homes, NHS trusts and health boards comply with relevant guidance, legislation and sector specific requirements, so they can maximise food hygiene ratings, safeguard their reputation and most importantly protect patients/residents.

We understand the healthcare sector has unique challenges which often a ‘broad brush’ approach to food safety does not effectively address.

This can give rise to risk in a sector which feeds some of the most vulnerable people in society. Our founder Fiona Sinclair set up Inspectrum to provide niche food safety support for hospitals and care homes. We understand the challenges, and provide practical and balanced solutions.

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Our Services

Inspectrum provide a range of services from uniquely designed audits for healthcare, documentation, gap analysis, ward theme analysis and training. Inspectrum are also well placed to assist you with any food safety related project you may have.

In a Meeting


Inspectrum provide online and onsite training across a full range of food safety topics. Our training is contextualised for healthcare settings, to maximise its relevance and effectiveness.

Remote sessions

  • Learning & development specifically for healthcare.  

  • Connect with colleagues from other healthcare organisations.

  • Affordable and accessible training.

  • Topical subject matter.

Training onsite

  • Levels 1-4 in food safety.

  • Food safety for non caterers.

  • Listeriosis.

  • Interactive & engaging.

Forest trees

It matters to us that we do our bit for the environment. So... we're partnering with Ecologi.

Ecologi are an environmental organisation that fund climate positive projects and tree planting around the world, providing a platform for real climate action. Thanks to Ecologi we are a ‘Climate Positive Workforce’, whereby trees are planted every month to offset team members carbon emissions. We're pleased that Inspectrum Food Safety have real trees planted, from Mozambique to Madagascar, in our little company forest!  

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