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Our vision is to serve as a catalyst to make a difference in healthcare food safety standards.

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Our Story

Our founder Fiona Sinclair set up Inspectrum Food Safety to assist healthcare organisations to consistently comply with food safety legislation and guidance, and overcome common barriers.

Challenges in healthcare settings can include:

  • Cold chain integrity

  • Control of practices outside the catering department

  • Equipment and facilities

  • Training and supervision for non-catering staff

  • Transparency and alignment with supply chains

  • Multiple pathways by which food can reach patients/residents

  • ‘Off the peg’ training and food safety management systems

Inspectrum Food Safety was established to share insight, knowledge and experience gained from working closely with the healthcare sector to provide answers to these food safety challenges, and support this incredible sector which does such important work to serve our most vulnerable in society.


Using the breadth and depth of our specialist expertise, we give effective, practical and balanced advise along with unique tools, training and support for any gaps or aspects of food safety that need strengthening.


Whether it’s an organisational overview for the Board, bespoke training, tailored food safety management system/HACCP, audits and more...


...our team are here to support your team to keep patients and residents safe, and avoid incidents such as Listeriosis outbreaks, allergenic incidents, or risking low food hygiene ratings.


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